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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Can I make a special order?

A. Absolutely! We will try our best to source items for you. If it can come from our main distributor in the lower mainland, we order every week. If it has to come from the US, we order about once a month. Unfortunately there are some brands which won't sell to independent stores, but we are always happy to double check for you!

Q.  Do I need to make an appointment for framing?

A. Appointments are not necessary for framing, but please note that 12:00-2:30 in the afternoon is our busiest time, particularly on Mondays and Saturdays. The quietest time to come in is the morning. Expect to spend at least half an hour choosing your frame design, if not longer.

Q.  Will you honour a 'Lisa's Framing and Art Supplies' Gift certificate?

A. Yes!! We will honour all former gift certificates that are in our computer system(created within the last seven years or so).

Q.  Do you deliver?

A. Usually we are able to deliver to Gibsons, Sechelt, and surrounding areas. We are also happy to courier up to Pender, Earl's Cove, or Powell River if necessary, shipping may apply :)

Q.  How can I get a discount?

A. The best way to get a discount here is to support our local galleries by becoming a member of the Gibson's Public Art Gallery or Fibre Works Studio and Gallery in Madeira Park ♥️

Show us your membership card and receive 15% off everything in store, including framing!


If you are taking or hosting a local art class, you may also be eligible for 15% off when you buy a full list of supplies, or bulk items for the class participants.

Look out for coupons in our local magazines, and please join our mailing list or follow our social media for sales and promotions!

Q.  How much does a frame cost?

A. Probably our most frequently asked question, but also the most difficult to answer. It really depends upon your choices! Every moulding is assigned a chop code price, based on how much it costs to manufacture that frame (ie. wood type, gilding, distressing, etc). Then it is priced by United inches. We have four different types of glass, which are also different price points. Finally, the number and type of matting you choose can also affect the price. In general, metal frames with a regular solid colour mat will be the most affordable, while quality wooden mouldings with carved profiles will be more expensive.


The easiest thing is to bring the peice in for us to see, and we can give you different designs to choose from based upon your budget. For custom frames, expect to pay $150-$250 for a smaller piece, and $250+ for a larger one.

Q. What type of glass choices do you have?

A. All of the glass we stock now has at least 92% UV protection. This is because the glass is really the only thing that's protecting your artwork. UV from all light sources slowly break down and damages your piece(even in dimly lit rooms). Photographs and artwork on paper are especially prone to fading.

True Vue Conservation Clear - Our most affordable glass, it looks and feels like normal picture glass, but with a 99% UV coating on the inside.

True Vue Conservation Reflection Control - Non-Glare glass has a soft look which scatters light as it touches the surface, cutting down on glare and reflections. It is especially good for images with a lot of dark areas, or high gloss photographs. It also has a 99% UV protective coating.

Ultra Vue Water White (92%) - Our most popular glass choice, due to its amazing clarity. Colours and details look crisp and clear, but the glass has a coating to minimize glare. It has a 92% UV protective coating.

True Vue Museum Glass - The top tier of glass on the market, it blocks 99% of UV rays. It also virtually eliminates glare and reflections, to show your piece in the best light possible. Premium 2.5mm glass.

Q.  Do you sell Acrylic / Plexiglass?

A. We don't keep plexi stocked in the shop, but we can order it pre-cut to size for you. Acrylic plexiglass comes in the same options that glass does: Clear, Conservation Clear, Non-Glare, Conservation Non-Glare, and Optium Museum Acrylic (for the best look, protection, and anti-static qualities).

This is a great option if you want to ship your artwork, cut down on weight, or hang something above your bed.

Q.  How long does framing take?

A. Currently we have about 1-2 weeks of work at any given time. Expect to wait a minimum of one week, and more likely two weeks. We order supplies once a week, and work down the list in the order they came in. The length it takes depends on product availability, how busy the shop is that week, how complicated the job is, etc.

If you have a deadline and want something in less than a week, you may have the option to pay extra fees for shipping or overtime(up to our discretion). Very busy seasons include: Christmas, Valentines day, Art Crawl, etc. The more time you give us, the better.

Q.  Are your framing materials 'Acid-Free'?

A. All of our framing materials are acid-free, including mats, foam-core backing, and our new backing paper. Acid-free materials in conjunction with UV coated glass, will serve as the best protection you can offer your artwork, and should last and stay beautiful for decades under normal conditions.

Cardboard and cheap matting will leach acid into the fibres of your paper, causing a yellowed appearance. If left long enough, brown spots start to form on the surface. (This is also why it's important to create art on acid-free materials in the first place).

Tip: Don't keep artwork in cardboard mailing tubes or folders for extended periods of time.

Q.  Do you stretch art on canvas?

A. Yes, we now stretch canvas in-house. We can do Regular (3/4") or Gallery (1.5") depth, and any dimensions. Call for a quote, or bring it in to discuss. 

Q.  Do you frame Needlepoints and Cross-stitches?

A. Yes, we have framed many, many stitched pieces. There are two main ways that we do it. The first is by stretching it over foam-core, and using cotton thread to cinch it neatly behind. This method only works if we have enough fabric to stretch over the side of the backing(taking into consideration how much matting you'll have too). If there is less to work with, we use T-pins to pin it to the backing. We do not use tape or glue on the fabric. We recommend using matting or spacers to keep the glass off the stitching.

Q.  How about Pastel paintings?

A. Yes, we frame pastel paintings. We use a combination of mats and spacers to create a channel for any loose pastel dust to fall into. We treat them with the utmost of care, and would never shake or blow them off. Our framer Marilyn is a fantastic pastel artist herself.

Q.  Do you replace broken glass / reassemble old frames?

A. Of course, provided that they are in good shape. We're happy to replace or reassemble glass, mats, backing, etc. You are welcome to bring in old frames for us to fit with new glass and matting, or simply new artwork.

Q.  Can you fix my broken frame?

A. Generally no, we do not fix broken frames. Wooden frames with broken corners are usually not structurally sound enough for us to put glass in. Metal frames with bends or dents are unfixable. If either are no longer square, ie. from being dropped, it is likely that glass won't be secure.

Q.  Do you offer Drymounting?

A. Yes, we can drymount with our Print Mount Vacuum Press up to 40"x60". Usually we would use MountCor as the substrate. Drymounting is a permanent, non-reversible process, so we don't recommend using it on anything irreplaceable. It does significantly improve the look of large posters, glossy photographs, crumpled/crinkled paper, or items on thin paper which are likely to wave or ripple in the frame over time.

Q.  Do you offer Printing / Scanning?

A. Sorry, we don't offer those services at this time, but we are happy to send you in the right direction if you give us a call.


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