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Picture Framing

Custom picture framing is all about finding the right framing solution for you and your artwork. We want to spend the time with you to create something that you love, and wish to display for years and years to come. 

We have hundreds of different frames, mats, glass, fillets, and liners to choose from, in any style. 


Each piece of artwork is unique, and finding the right moulding for the occasion is one of our passions.

Whether you wish to dress it up, or strip it down to basics, we are happy to show you all of your options.

The frame you choose has a huge effect on how your piece looks and feels. 


As well as photos and artwork on paper, we can also provide beautiful framing solutions for:

  • Needlepoints

  • Shadowboxes

  • Pastel paintings

  • Canvas stretching

  • Puzzles

& Much more!


Canvas stretching:


Even an upgrade in glass can make all the difference!

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